Madreselva world

Romantic, feminine and modern

Since 2007 Viviana Laguzzi professional dancer with an international experience and also creator and designer of MIMI PINZON decided to launch and redesign MADRESELVA SHOES.


The result, a sexy line of shoes that inspire not only felinity but also sophistication, because of its design, comfort, excellence and quality Madreselva shoes can be wear for a tango milonga of glamour pleasing the most demanding customers and dancers. “Fashion is not only about how you look on the outside, it also reflexes how you feel inside…”


Our shoes are designed, made and commercialize with the idea of satisfying our most demanding clients. Made with the most superior qualities. Handmade in an artisanal process. Our collections are exclusive and in made in limited quantities and limited editions. We have new and creative designs that contrast with the most traditional aspects of tango making them unique in these aspect. Last, but not least, its comfort and designs are what makes Madreselva a distinctive brand for dancing shoes.


Our mission

  • Our aim is to reach a woman who likes to be seduced by the world of tango, fashion and whose femininity has no boundaries as regards style.

  • A woman who is in constantly looking for a comfortable line of shoes with a unique sense of style and direction ..

  • Passion to dance.

Made in Argentina

Madreselva Sophistication & Vanguard
Our incredible variety of models is able to satisfy the taste of each of our most exquisite clients.
A wide selection of tango shoes made of high quality materials handmade with the exceptional craftsmanship that characterizes them
The collections are constantly updated so they are Limited Edition presenting new models every week
We always offer some classic models, but above all we choose brightly colored materials designs with prints and special materials that are always unique and exclusive!

The design is elegant and combined with maximum comfort and constant quality control make Madreselva the brand of shoes par excellence made in Argentina and danced around the WORLD!