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Tango Shoes A949

$ 115.00
All the shoes in the Madreselva Online Store, whether from the Salsa And Bachata shoe style line dedicated to latin dance, from the Gala & Bridal shoe style line for ceremonies and events or, from the Tango shoe style line for theater, shows or milongas, can be customized in many of its characteristics, with small supplements: from the material of the upper part to its color, added crystals as well as the height of the…

Tango Shoes A962

A962-1 $ 130.00

Tango Shoes A830

A830-1 $ 115.00

Tango Shoes A768

A768-1 $ 115.00

Tango Shoes A740

A740-1 $ 115.00

Tango Shoes A959

A959-1 $ 115.00

Tango Shoes A895

A895bis-1 $ 115.00