Innovators of unique style and with great personality are the models of Viviana Laguzzi who, this time, bets on the custom footwear in her collection Madreselva Novias. From the idea of ​​’tailor made’, each model is the result of a rigorous design process in which the client and the artist actively participate.
In order to achieve such accuracy and beauty the designer uses lashes that emulate the toilets of Haute Couture. Thus, from several tests is conjugated the technique with the style where nothing is left to the imagination.
The perfect footwear for the perfect evening comes with the original and avant-garde design in Viviana Laguzzi’s innovative collection of shoes for the Madreselva Novias Collection that stands out for its simplicity and elegance, highlighting the woman’s feminine touch.
Here everything is possible to use: from particular textures, striking embroideries of appliques to Swarovski stones, with different finishes.
In this way, with her personal touch she breaks the strict molds of fashion, escaping from trends and production in series, to make shoes a jewel which is an indispensable element that enhances good taste.
Without doubt, betting on a pair is marking the pace of fashion. As Viviana points out: “The most important thing is how an incredible shoe can get us into a state of fantasy, intrigue or passion.”

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